Combine the beauty and grace of breath and movement through vinyasa and aerial yoga 

as a method for healing and overcoming limiting beliefs

Learn aerial yoga

at home or around the world, with Lindsay Nova!

Experience Aerial

Rising Wings Aerial Yoga is a comprehensive aerial yoga certificate program that is approved by Yoga Alliance.
We use a special double point aerial yoga silk hammock that allows your yoga practice to reach new heights.

Learn how to perform inversions in the safest way possible while becoming more flexible and stronger than ever.
Use the hammock as a prop to deepen your understanding of body alignment and yoga postures in new ways.

A beautiful expression and expansion of traditional yoga in contemporary times

The main focus of our courses is on how to use the hammock as a prop to assist in finding greater range, strength, and support. All the poses you know and love so well will become like new again! 

Perform incredible and daring feats

in the aerial yoga hammock with grace and ease.

Add the ultimate creative expression

to your practice.

Use the aerial yoga hammock

for balance and spotting in difficult postures.

Who says aerial yoga has to be serious?

By far, it is the most non-serious yoga! Join us (and our little pink unicorn) in exotic locations around the world!

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